How to Sell Your Land

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The sands of the wastelands give, and the sands take away. Everything has it's time. We're sad to see you go, whatever the reason is - and I know that a lot of residents will more than likely miss your contribution to The Wastelands. Perhaps in time, we will see you again.

This page is a comprehensive guide on how to sell your land in Second Life, and The Wastelands.

Deciding Your Price

The first, and probably most difficult step of selling any land, is to figure out the price you want to sell it for. Demand, availability, the time remaining on your tier meter, and even the region that your land is in all play a factor in getting a good sale value. Of all the things that play a factor in your sale price, I would assume that you'd at least want to get the value of your remaining tier. Fortunately there is a way to figure out how much the remaining time on your tier meter is worth.

Time to Lindens Formula

There's a simple formula you can use to get a good base price for the time remaining on your tier meter. You need to know only two things, and some basic math. You need to know your weekly rate, and how much time is on your meter. You can find out both of these things by visiting your tier meter Tier Meter. Using the formula below, you can get an accurate price for your land.

Remaining Tier Price = (Rate / 7) * Days Left

How to list your land as for sale in Second Life

Included are some pictures on the right.

Using the in world land tools, fly to your land and click the title bar OR right click your land and select about land. Before going any further, it is imperative that you make sure that the Owner is listed as your name. If it says group, you must sell the land back to yourself for zero lindens in order to get it ungrouped (see below). If you sell it while it's still owned by the group, your money could be delayed or divided between your group members. Remember, ALWAYS make sure that you're listed as the owner before you set it for sale to anyone.

Click the "Sell Land..." button. You should be presented with a menu with three options to fill in. The first option is the price, as discussed earlier you can sell it for however much you want. The second option is who will you sell your land to. You can set it to a specific person who you know the name of (or yourself), or set if for sale to anyone. The final option is whether or not you want to include any objects you own on the land, to be sold to the next owner. This is somewhat handy as you could sell a fairly nice build with the land, but usually new owners clean it up anyways so it's sort of a moot point.


Be Assertive

In order for your land to sell within a reasonable amount of time, you need to check in on it at least every few days. If it's not selling in the time frame you like, adjust the price to reflect the lowered amount of time remaining on the tier meter. Additionally if you're feeling up to it, lower the price even further. You can't simply set a price and hope it sells before your tier runs out, with reasonable results. Unless of course that price was way cheap to begin with.


If you would like your land to show up on the Wastelands Land store, please send an IM to NeoBokrug Elytis inworld. Please include the name of the tier meter, and the price you have your land listed for.