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The Free Move Program

The free move program was implemented at the end of 2008 to assist people in moving their builds around the estate, and upgrading or downgrading their tier holdings. There is no cost for this, and it only takes a few minutes of work. Any parcel that is not currently rented, for sale, and currently owned by NeoBokrug Elytis is a suitable candidate for the destination of the move.

How it works

If you find a chunk of land that you're interested in, please send an IM inworld to NeoBokrug Elytis. It shouldn't take long to get a reply and confirmation of the move. Before the move starts, please clean up the parcel(s) of land you're leaving. I will reclaim them as soon as the move is completed. Please keep in mind that if you move to a larger parcel of land that you will have to pay the increased cost of tier, and that if you move to a smaller parcel of land, you'd be paying less. If you just move to a parcel with the same amount of prims, your cost should remain the same. The whole move process takes about five minutes max.

  • Your time on the meter(s) that you're moving from, is converted to a value of linden dollars.
  • The destination parcel is set for sale to you for zero linden dollars, and you buy it.
  • That linden value is then applied to the destination meter(s).
  • The old land is reclaimed, cleared, reverted, and put up for sale.


As of the end of 2013, I've had to add one requirement to discourage abuse of the free move program. The requirement is that the land you move to must have it's tier topped off to 4 weeks. So if you are moving and the tier calculation after conversion to your new parcel is more than four weeks, you'll be good to go. If the calculation is less than four weeks, after the move you must make a tier payment to bring your remaining tier to four weeks.


Land of any new region that is less than two months old is ineligible, due to the start up costs of a new region.

The free move program is also suspended during any estate land sales.

The free move program does NOT consolidate tier from multiple parcels into one parcel. It is strictly a 1 to 1 move of parcels.