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Drifter is played by wastelanddrifter, and can frequently be found in The Sand Seas.

Drifter has a lean build with common red slytooth markings red-orange fur with white chin down neck and chest, white tail tip, black ears and stocking markings from forearm to hands and knees to feet, a black tic on both sides of the nose, and gold eyes. He makes an attempt at grooming and some say he is good-looking by slytooth standards. Like others of his kind he has a strong scent from glandular secretion.

He excels at adapting to local conditions, hunting, tracking, and most aspects related to scavenging. But he has trouble being outgoing and talkative, or making eloquent conversation in the local human tongue.

Rumors About Drifter

  • Drifter learned to speak other languages by ritually eating the tongues of those that spoke them.
  • He went into the dead city of Northgate and survived.
  • He understands and knows more than he lets on.
  • He knows where the treasure is buried.