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Dex is played by Dexter Bogdanovich, and can frequently be found in The Junkyard.

Dex is a Ghoul in an extreme state of decay. Worn out rags full of dubious spots adhere to his slimy body to cover the worst atrocities. When he speaks, his voice is death rattle, blended with sudden burping and smacking. Even flies avoid the stench of his breath. He often seems disoriented.

He likes crafting and the trading of salvage. Beside that, he often can be seen tinkering with other found debris. Dex has intimate knowledge of the Junkyard tunnels. Although slow by nature, there is a risk of triggering his ghoulish spinal cord drives. Dex may become aggressive.

Rumors About Dex

  • He doesn't like Children.
  • He doesn't like Manimals.
  • He doesn't like Dogs.
  • He doesn't like Ghouls.