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Dass is played by Dassina Andel, and can frequently be found in The Wastelands.

Dass is a bit of an anomaly, being a Manimal (Mwrr) that genuinely enjoys trading and interacting with others. Generally standing a hair taller than most residents, her fur is mostly gray, criss-crossed with black stripes, and kept mostly clean. A thick growth of black fur covers her head, and is kept pulled back into a ponytail. Both ears are missing, with scars in place of where her ears should be. Strikingly blue eyes are always constantly roaming about, constantly taking in her surroundings.

While Dass is quite versed in all things trading and combat when challenged -- she tends to hold grudges, and has a hard time backing down from a challenge. Communicating is also not her strongest skill; usually resorting to simple words and physical gestures.

Rumors About Dass

  • Dass is the owner and proprietor of the Quick-Halt Convenience Store, where she amasses goods that she sells or trades for.
  • She never takes off her metal scrap "boots", because they hide and support deformed lower legs.
  • She once took down a rampaging mutant spider singlehandedly, without so much as a scratch.
  • She is one of the remaining members of Renegade Legion, a group dedicated to their own interests of profit in The Wastelands.