Dan Seawwconds

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Dan Seawwconds is played by seawwconds, and can frequently be found in The Great Fissure.

Dan Seawwconds is a skinny and filthy human with a permanent sneer and rooster-like hair. He can usually be found with old paper and dry kindling. His high whining voice is instantly irritating and he smells of accelerants.

Dan has an uncanny knack at starting fires, and has had his best moments with a torch in his hand. However that is literally the only thing he's good at, as he seems to fail at everything else.

Rumors About Sam

  • Dan lives in the basement of his parent’s house.
  • Dan is dangerous to be around.
  • Dan has burned down several homes just for fun.
  • Dan hates mutants, ghouls, manimals, humans and botans.