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While you play the games of The Wastelands you may come across ruined pieces of paper. Currently, papers come in three qualities, and may be given to a new NPC named Henry who lives far out in The Sand Seas. If there's any words on them, he's capable of interpreting their meaning -- mostly. For a cost of 3, 6, or 9 EXP and one of the pieces of paper, he'll try to read them for you. The quality of the papers you find will affect how much of a recipe he can reveal as well as easing the difficulty of the puzzles; but no one paper will every fully* reveal a complete recipe.

  • Papers are rare items in general, and have a unique spawn mechanic.
  • Papers are single use items, and once you rez one on the table near Henry and he reads it, it's gone for good.
  • Papers can be infrequently acquired from crates. Papers can also be occasionally be acquired from Aegs' Potion quest, and quests from Alden.

All decoded papers will reveal: The rewards of a random recipe, where it can be crafted at, and at least one component of the recipe. Any remaining components of a recipe may not be fully decoded, but a very lucky and observant Wastelander may be able to figure out the remaining puzzles.

For the components that are not fully decoded:

  • Smudged: The letters of the word(s) are obscured. Sometimes the entire word is smudged, sometimes it's completely clear; that is the nature of random.
  • Ripped: The letters of the word(s) are scrambled.
  • Missing: The word or words are missing from the page completely.

This system is VERY random and has diminishing returns the more you know. This is intentional by design. The more recipes you know, the more of a chance there is for the information that Henry provides to you will be something you already knew. But at the same time, any new recipes added to the game he'll be able to read. So a long time player may find value in hoarding papers to take a chance having Henry read them, or they might just sell or gift away the papers they collect.

No public recipes are part of this system, but there are still over 100+ recipes available.

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