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Here you can get some general surface knowledge about other peoples role play personas listed at the bottom of this page. As a reader, you will not find out their back stories or histories. Instead, the profiles provided below are meant as a hook for you to interact with the other players as a complete stranger.

Adding Your Own Character

In order to add your role play character to the Wastelands wiki in an official capacity, copy the following text block into a notecard called "WL RP Character Info", and answer the provided questions. Please stick to the included questions, as other details such as your backstory and history aren't applicable. Players will learn these things as they interact with you. Once done send the notecard to NeoBokrug Elytis. If you control multiple characters, you may send multiple notecards. All entries MUST adhere to RP lore and canon.

What is your role play character's name?

What is the SL account name for this character?

Which of the following Playable Races are you? Human, Ghoul (Human or Manimal), Mutant (Tribal or Exile), Manimal (Please define type), Botan

In just a few short sentences, describe your general physical appearance with a focus on details that set you apart from everyone else. For instance skin, hair, or fur color; extra or missing apendages, eyes or digits; build, height, posture; ugly, average, or pretty in appearance; filthy or clean; young, old, elderly; whatever works:

Please write four short rumors that people may have heard about your character. One must be true, one must be false, the other two can be true or false.

What Wastelands region does your character "live" at, or call their home? You don't *need* to own land there, but it should be a place where people might run into you regularly, or you just consider home.

My character mostly succeeds at:

My character mostly fails at:


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