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Character Creation Tip: As for the creation of role playing characters, I know the tendency is to make up a story first, then elaborate on it and then go check to see how you can shoe-horn it into the lore. Please don't do that. The information pages on the races, the monsters and the time line were written with many factors in mind. I understand that everyone wants to be a unique and special example just like everyone else but lets try to avoid mary-sue-ing. Every race has its ups and downs. --Spider Mandala

While many humanoids survived the fall, to refer to all of them as "humans" would not only be scientifically incorrect due to rampant mutation and genetic experimentation but also conceptually flawed. Most humanoids had to adapt to the ravages of time and environment, and evolved into what we have here. Outlined here are a list of the more prolific races of our modern world.

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