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[[WL: Yum Mouth Bogwater Taffy]]
[[WL: Yum Mouth Bogwater Taffy]]
[[WL: Hot Rocks]]
[[WL: Manimal Eyeball Lolipop]]
[[WL: Manimal Eyeball Lolipop]]
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[[WL: Botan Eyeball Lolipop]]
[[WL: Botan Eyeball Lolipop]]
[[WL: Candied Orh-ghans on a Stick]]
[[WL: Mega Stuff't Goreo]]
[[WL: Mega Stuff't Goreo]]

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Initially this cantankerous masheen was built by Trade Boss Debsloks scrapineers as part of an incentive program to wastelanders to trade with the traders more often. The basic premise was that if you traded a certain amount of scrap, you'd get a bonus item called a WL: Candy Scrit. You'd then put this item in the coin slot of the masheen, and get a random reward. However such a program proved to be too taxing on the traders resources; doubly so after Saul screwed up and lost a few crates of tokens in transport.

Since then, WL: Candy Scrit is distributed for special events like Fight Night, War Zone, and holidays. They can also be found in uncommon and rare crates.

How to Use

Just rez a Candy Scrit on the coin slot of the Candy Masheen located here. You'll receive a random reward from the list below, in order of scarcity, where the top items are the most common, and the bottom items are more rare:

WL: Beetle Brittle

WL: Honey Cornball

WL: Blue Cornball

WL: Chocolate Dipped Roach

WL: Sweetmud Bogwater Taffy

WL: Ghoul Eyeball Lolipop

WL: Sharktooth Candy

WL: Braincandy Cornball

WL: Frut Bogwater Taffy

WL: Human Eyeball Lolipop

WL: Likorich Cornball

WL: Honeycoated Cinder Beetle Larva

WL: Yum Mouth Bogwater Taffy

WL: Hot Rocks

WL: Manimal Eyeball Lolipop

WL: Purple Bogwater Taffy

WL: Mutant Eyeball Lolipop

WL: Sweetparts

WL: Skink Tongue Bogwater Taffy

WL: Botan Eyeball Lolipop

WL: Candied Orh-ghans on a Stick

WL: Mega Stuff't Goreo

WL: Omega Cone

WL: Perfectly Preserved Twonkies