Cabeza Muerta

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Cabeza Muerta, also known as "Death Head" or "Kik Hed", is a game hosted at Corral de Calaveras, the Court of Skulls, in the Cormac sim. The ball court is open at all times (except during Official Practice and Official Tournaments, see below) for people to play casually and practice.

Combat Games

Combat Games involve players participating in Wastelands Combat (wearing the HUD and using a weapon) while also attempting to score and win the game (wearing the Cabeza Muerta attachment on your LEFT HAND). The terms of combat dictated by Sandusky will vary from any weapon allowed to only one weapon type allowed.

Non-Combat Games

These games will be played by the straightforward rules and instructions detailed further below.

Tournament Prizes

At the end of each game, cash prizes of L$100 will be paid to the person(s) who scored the most points (Chief) and performed the most steals (Thief). At the end of the final game, cash prizes will be the same as above. The winning team will also receive L$500 for each player. In the future, this may alternate between cash or salvage prizes.

Cabeza Muerta Gameplay Instructions

Becoming the Host and Chosing Teams

The first player to choose a team will become the Host, and has sole control of the PLAY, RESET, and X (kill switch) buttons on the Panel for the remainder of the game.

Choose a team by touching either the SCALPS or SKINS tag buttons on the panel below one of the hoops. Games may be 1-on-1 or teams. 2-on-2 is ideal. More than that may be very hectic and confusing.

Upon choosing a team, you will receive the CABEZA MUERTA attachment. Find it in your inventory and WEAR it. SPECIAL NOTE: If you're participating in a Combat Game, you currently must attach this to your LEFT HAND. Wasteland weapons will only attach to your Right Hand.

To Start Gameplay

Once teams are decided, press the PLAY button twice to begin. A physical head will rez in the center of the court. To gain possession of the head, a player simply needs to walk into it (or run by pressing Control + R).

To Shoot or Pass

Be in Mouselook and Left Click. Points are earned by shooting the head through EITHER hoop. 2 points are earned between the blood-stain lines. 3 points from behind the lines. Shots and passes can be intercepted in mid-air by simply colliding with the head.

To Steal

In Mouselook, get close to the opposing player with possession and click on them.


Press the RESET button to rez a new head in the center of the court if the ball disappears, gets stuck in the hoop, or goes outside of the court.

Ending the Game

The game ends when one of the two teams reaches 21. Players are notified of Points and Possession by the Panel. The scoreboard above the court also displays the points. To end the game prematurely, press the X button. This is the kill switch button and cancels out all teams, players, and scores.

If you have any questions or comments, please IM Sandusky Kayvon. A very special thanks should be given to Makaio Stygian for the scripting, Gutterblood Spoonhammer and barry Wiranata for donating the skulls and dead heads, and Pygora Acronym for making the ded hed thrower that initially inspired me to build the court for this game to occur. Thanks guys!