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Bartleby is played by Bartleby Ricantaur, and can frequently be found in Cormac.

A wrinkled, weathered, older-looking male human of medium build, with a shaggy mane of long white hair and a thick, flowing beard. His blue eyes are clear and bright, and though he stands slightly hunched, he seems reasonably spry. His clothes are patched and dusty, and he's always seen wearing a battered, wide-brimmed hat and a large leather pack.

He's adept at using words and wit to spin a tale, set a mood, secure a deal, or sweet-talk someone. He also plays a mean canjo. But he doesn't seem to settle down anywhere to call his home, or share the stories of his own life.

Rumors About Dust

  • Sure, he seems like a kindly old man, but he's secretly a fearsome and shockingly vicious fighter - how else could he stay alive out there?
  • Atop his trusty Sand Hippo, he travels the wide Wastes sharing scrap and spices, stories and songs, speeches and secrets.
  • He's not as old as he looks.
  • He gets along fine with folks of all species, even Ghouls - but he'll do anything to avoid Doktor Pileus.