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This covenant is to supplement the normal Wastelands covenant for those individuals who own or plan on owning a homestead region in The Wastelands. Linden Lab has made owning a homestead for estate owners highly undesirable. On top of that they are difficult to resell or find new owners for, yet we still have requests from time to time to add more.


The prerequisites are not designed to dissuade you from getting a homestead, but to inform you of the expectations of renting one.

  • You must follow strict theme rules! If the Developers of the estate feel that your region is not up to par on theme, we will ask you to make changes.
  • You must have a plan for your region! This includes an idea and maybe a small concept model of a build. Both of which you need to sell me on with an email or maybe an inworld tour of your idea. Adding a region to the estate is a major investment on my part, and I want to make sure it contributes something to the estate.
  • You must be a member of the Wastelands Community in good standing. In other words you need to "get along" with the community at large, I don't want to rent a homestead to a resident who'll ban everyone and anyone over petty squabbles. I am only saying it here now because there have been people in the past whom I wouldn't give a homestead to if they asked for one for these very reasons.
  • You must be a current or past resident with minimal problems paying tier on time. Which means at some point you would have needed to own land elsewhere in the estate, and during that time you (for the most part) were able to pay your tier on time. If you frequently have problems paying tier on a much smaller parcel of land, a homestead is ten times more difficult to upkeep financially.
  • It's totally okay to have a group build or communal project, but you are the One person who is responsible for the tier payments. You should be prepared to sustain a homestead all on your own. Do not form a group and expect everyone to make payments because they said they would -- people flake out, have RL problems, or lose interest. If people help to pay your tier, that's a benefit to you. If you miss tier payments because Random Residents don't pay you what they promised, I will still have to reclaim the homestead.

Existing Regions

The only way you can obtain an existing region is if the current owner wishes to part with it, or the current owner has already left. Existing regions that are available are very few and far between, usually about a year. The benefit of getting an existing region is that you only have to pay whatever the seller is asking for, or at least one month of tier if it's being offered by the estate -- otherwise you must request a new region.

New Regions

If you're interested in adding a region to the estate, please make sure you meet all the prerequisites and then the following additional prerequisites below:

  • You must want to stay at that homestead for at least one year.
  • You must pay USD $420 (three months of tier) in advance before the sim is ordered. This tier will be applied to your homestead tier meter when it arrives.

Technical Description

There will be minimal infrastructure land on your sim, in most cases only 16sqm and one prim.

  • 3,747 primitives on the region
  • About 65,504 square meters to work on

Region Limitations

Homesteads are not the same as regular regions in Second Life. They don't have as much processing power, and therefor have hard caps imposed on them by Linden Lab.

  • 20 avatars at a maximum in the region.
  • Slower script performance.
  • Script limits (to be determined by Linden Lab still...)
  • A homestead usually shares server hardware with as many as 12 other homesteads. Very rarely this can impact performance at times.

Additional Barrens Rules

Because the owner of a barrens region has control over such a large portion of the estate, there are additional responsibilities they must employ to help keep things running smooth.

  • Please be tolerant of all visitors and even reconsider the banning of anyone. I know sometimes in the heat of the moment we can be quick to pass judgment, but being banned from an entire region really sucks.
  • Auto return MUST be enabled on the entire region. Many new people in SL are litterbugs, and sometimes even vehicles don't cross boundaries correctly and just end up stuck. Enabling auto return greatly reduces sim litter, and possible script time issues.
  • Terraform responsibly. This is already mentioned in the main covenant, but is doubly so in the Barrens covenant. You MUST leave the edges of the sim (4 meters) at the default terraform since other sims do or will connect connect to them in the future.
  • Please leave 35 extra prims available in your sim, so people can pass through it on vehicles.
  • Owners of a Barren sims are allowed to sub-lease parcels on their sim in an effort to help offset the costs of owning one. However they will be responsible for their own sub-leasing residents, and collection of money. Anyone who sub-leases from you is expected to follow all the covenant rules already in place for the Wastelands, and you must make sure that they know it. If they're not following them, I will come to you about the matter. :)

WLv* Game FAQ

Q: Can I have a salvage or healing machine in my homestead?
A: No.
Q: Can I have game related environmental damage on my homestead?
A: Maybe.
Q: Can salvage spawn in my homestead?
A: Yes, here are the requirements:
50 spare prims at all times.
A minimum of 15 minute auto-return.
An empty ban list, or some good reasons why people are banned.
Parcelling the land where you don't want salvage to spawn.
Q: Are these rules written in stone?
A: No. Sometimes the devs like to host special game related events. We might request your assistance to put certain game items on your land. So we might put a masheen or two there to help run an event.

Tier Rates

As of Jan. 1st 2011, current homestead owners in the Wastelands will retain a tier rate of $125 USD a month until January 2012 or when Linden Lab adjusts the rates for estate owners, whichever comes first. At that time I will review the tier rates and make changes is necessary.

Any resident who obtains either an existing or new homestead shall have a rate of $140 USD a month, this includes transfers and new regions.