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Baalzuni is played by houndstrikerx6, and can frequently be found in North Yard.

Baal is a pale, lean, and mid-sized human though taller than most cubs with raven colored hair. Therea are few scars sitting below his purple eye and a patch covering his other. His outfit varies from time to time, but he normally is dressed in black with pieces of metal running along his forearms and chest, complete with a rifle slung across his back.

Having lived through rough times most of his life, he has developed great skill in regarding combat, basic literature, thievery, and locating the source of a problem when tension arises. However, this makes him deluded that everything he does is justified, often looking down on others that don't understand him. This along with his bluntness tends to turn others away or even making enemies of him.

Rumors About Baalzuni

  • Baal attempted to set fire to the N several spans ago and failed. Some claim that Dan Seawwconds may have put him up to it.
  • He outright despises ghouls and was said to even go out of his way to attempt murder on every ghoul he sees.
  • Some say that he may have lost his eye due to a conflict with a ghoul cat that nearly cost him his life.
  • He has a soft spot for goats, especially ones that are manimals.