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Bogkin Kroak frog.png


The Bogkin possesses smooth rubbery skin or rough crinkly hide covered in warts. Its colors typically match its swampy surroundings (greens, browns, black) but it may also sport vivid colors. Its eyes are noticeably larger than most other races. Its webbed hands and feet are larger in proportion to the rest of its body, ending in hooked claws are strange flattened tips. Its large mouth hides a long sticky tongue. Like the Skeyl, it will lick its weapon prior to combat. This is done to intimidate and mark possession of the well as any prey it strikes.

The Bogkin communicates with guttural croaks, accented by high-pitched chirps. Its voice is slow, thick, and warbled. Most words are lost, tangled together, or prove impossible to say because of its strange tongue.

Social Culture

Little is known about the Bogkin because they're very reclusive. The Blind Trader, Aiden, says there were once many in Malady Bog and Bloodmoss Swamp. Their strange croaks echoed among the trees and across the dark waters. When the settlement expanded into those muddy regions, the Bogkin withdrew (along with the Botans) into the western wetlands, choosing to avoid the Wastelands scavengers. Now that the scavenger settlement has withdrawn from the Bog and the Swamp, maybe they will revisit their former homes.

The Bogkin is a patient hunter, competing against Botans and Skeyls for large rodents, giant insects and territory. It will hunt other manimals, especially the Vurm. Given its attraction to wet environments, it will often clash with any ghouls it encounters.

Bogkin Breeds

((Dev Note: All Bogkin are hybrids of human and frog/toad in appearance.))
There are no distinct breeds of the Bogkin, given their generally similar behavior and appearance. According to Doktor Aeg, the Bogkin are not restricted to the wetlands for he has spotted a rare desert breed in the Deep Sands. Even the dark damp tunnels stretching and ever-changing under the settlement may be home to some....