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Aposiopesis is played by Aposiopesis Fullstop, and can frequently be found in The Wastelands.

More commonly known as Apo, she's tall for a female Human. Her long, dark red hair is typically worn in two long braids with a spiky mohawk prodding up between them. Her eyes are bright light blue, and the skin around one of them is permanently discolored after a long-ago fight.

She's good at explaining things, but is pretty bad at trading and commerce.

Rumors About Aposiopesis

  • Apo learned to read and write from a strange cult that used that secret knowledge to manipulate people - and the world itself.
  • There's a lot of her past that she just doesn't remember anymore.
  • The only thing more dangerous than the booze she makes is getting drunk around her: she might goad you into an unfair trade or lure you into a fight, or your things might simply go missing.
  • She runs The N, a place where all travelers are welcome to rest, recover from their arduous journey, and learn the ways of the Wastes.