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WLv1.75 is the bastard half breed upgrade from WLv1 to WLv2. It primarily is the same game play as traditional WLv1, but with a highly optimized script rewrite, a new HUD interface, and upgraded weapon accuracy. For a while it will be backwards compatible, until such a time where everyone will have to upgrade for free to the mandatory WLv1.75. This transition period end on July 3rd 2009.

You're not required to RP if you use the HUD, but lots of people like to.

Change Log

Important Changes
  • The HUD holds a maximum of seven MedKits in it.
  • The old "MedKits" don't know how many are in the HUD, and if you use more than seven on a HUD, they will disappear and NOT be credited. Please keep track of your MedKit usage.
  • A newer "WL: MedKit" will be introduced shortly, they will not be consumed if there are too many MedKits in your HUD.
  • There is no longer a number representation of how bad off your DoTs are, but they still light up on the HUD when you're under their effects.
  • The "Stick Man" and armor readout have been moved into a new blue dialog menu. Touch your hud, and select "Armor" to see your current readout.
  • Anti-AO: The HUD will actively fight your AO while you are dead to make sure you're looking dead. If your av starts spazzing when you're dead please turn off your Animation Overrider.
  • Flying will no longer kill you and throw you at the ground.
  • Three minute timer before you can interact with objects in the Wastelands (salvage, salvager, etc)
  • You cannot interact with any WLv1 game elements while sitting.
  • If you take off your HUD while your combat timer is active, you'll be called a coward region wide. :D
  • Not implimented until June 5th 2009
    • Wastelands WLv1 weapons will receive accuracy upgrades and replace any weapons built with the Salvager. Unlike the old weapons they will have the traditional "WL:" prefix before their name. These are also NOT backwards equipable with the OLD WLv1 HUD, but they will damage old HUDs.
      • There is also no "trade in" for your weapons or equipment, that is absolutely a monumental task that I do not wish to entertain.
New Features
  • Script time reduced by 800%! (I'm a better coder now)
  • HUDs are free!
  • No more HUD break death penalties!
  • A more stylish, minimalistic, straight forward HUD.
  • Particle rez array system, and new blood effects.
  • Admin resurrection while dead.
  • You now "get up" after dying.
  • Painful facial expression for when you're low on life.
  • Blue reminder message to not take off your HUD when you die.
  • Region message system
    • It's all llOwnerSay(), so there is no spam for non-players.
    • Players can choose to disable this feature in the options menu of the HUD.
    • Colorful flavor text for the role players!
    • Players equipping or removing a HUD are announced region wide, so other players know that more people are playing.
    • Players entering or leaving a region will be announced as such.
    • Once every three minutes, a player can request a list of names of people who have the HUD equipped in the region.
  • Automatic and Manual Ban - Suspension System
    • The HUD keeps track of certain hard coded rules, and auto-implements a suspension depending on the severity of the rule broken.
    • If a player is being a total douchebag, an admin can suspend them for days, months, years, or ban them from playing forever.
  • Not implimented until June 5th 2009
    • New SUPER Ultra Rare Spawn (max 3 per day) Gold Crate. I wouldn't activly go out and look for these. Just be lucky to find one.
Bug Fixes / Balance Changes
  • Armor staying equipped even though it's not.
  • Not implimented until June 5th 2009
    • WL: Blade, WL: Pipe, WL: Roll of tape, WL: Mechanics Tools have been put back in the salvage rotation.
    • The rarity of some items have been adjusted.
    • Craftable things that also spawn as salvage, no longer spawn.
    • Multi-use items like Sewing Kits, and Mechanics Tools will now spawn as single use items.
    • Weapon double equip bug.

HUD Overview

The HUD (Heads Up Display), is an visual over view of exactly what is going on while you're playing the games in The Wastelands. It is also the "program" that you use to play games in the Wastelands. To use it simply equip it from your inventory. It will appear on the center of your screen. From there you can use the Second Life edit tools to move it to a more appropriate position. We'll cover the elements in more detail.

You can click anywhere except the heal button on the HUD to bring up the blue dialog menu.

The Life Bar

The life bar is a green to red gradient that represents how much health you have. It is slowly blacked out as your life goes away and as you gain life it becomes more visible. It's easily the most prominent feature of the HUD, and a good way to glance at how well your health is doing.

Numeric Life Display

Above the life bar, in green or red numbers is a percentage display of your life. This serves two purposes. First it gives you a hard number of how much life you have at the moment, if you want to be that specific. Secondly it lets you know if you combat timer has expired. If the number is red is it NOT okay to take your HUD off, without a temporary game play suspension. If the number is green it is safe to remove your HUD without penalty.

Heal Button

If you've managed to acquire a few MedKits and load them into your HUD, this is the button that will use them. If you are at full health, and not afflicted with any DoTs then a MedKit will not be used up. The HUD heals DoTs before restoring health, so please keep that in mind.

DoT Display

Above the heal button there are some "lights" that light up whenever you're under the influence of their effects. The blue-green radiation symbol represents when you have a radiation DoT. The green skull and cross bones represents a poison effect. The orange flame represents fire, and the icon of a bleeding hand represents a bleed DoT.

Blue Menu

To bring up the blue menu, click anywhere on your hud that isn't the heal button. There are four button options on the blue menu. Keep in mind that all HUD click interactions have a five second delay before you can interact with them again.

  • Clicking "Armor" will give you your current armor layout.
  • "Who" displays who is currently in the region that has a HUD equipped.
  • "Help should bring you to this wiki article.
  • "Join/Part" will enable or disable the region messages if they are too spammy for you.

The Rules

Things that will simply remove your HUD and weapons
  • Flying
  • Teleporting
  • Exceeding the "speed limit"
Things that will suspend your game play for five minutes
  • Removing the HUD, or having it removed from the things above WHILE your combat timer is active.
Things that will suspend your game play for fifteen minutes
  • Doing any of the above while dead.
  • Removing the HUD while dead.
  • Sitting on an object while dead.
  • Moving while dead.

Developer FAQ

Q. I thought you said you weren't going to make an update for WLv1.

A. Me too. With the slow progress of WLv2, and nothing tangible to show for it, I dared myself to do it one night. I was getting pretty burnt out on the high complexity of WLv2, work related projects, and the new tier meters I've been working on all year. This was a pleasant change of pace because for the most part it was so easy.

Q. A dare?

A. Yes, a dare I initially failed. I dared myself to re-write it in a night. It actually took three. But since I had made so much progress in one night, I figure I best not let that effort go to waste. I was almost done two nights in a row, but I had memory issues, even with mono.

Q. When was the last upgrade, and why 1.75?

A. Back in June 2007... I think. We've had a few unofficial updates, and aside from a few tweaks 1.75 is the FINAL version of WLv1. After this it's WLv2.