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This page is just a quick-start summary of role play in The Wastelands estate. There are links all over this page to other, more thorough explanations of everything RP-related. If you want to know more about a subject, just click its link and have a read. Role play in the Wastelands is 100% optional and fully community driven. Everyone is expected to police themselves, and in general, behave. Join the inworld Role Play group: Ruin Nation: Official Wastelands RP.


Some people may be new to role play, and may need to know the very basics of what we're talking about.

Player: A person who role plays a character, also know as the person behind the keyboard.
Character: A persona controlled by the player. In role play, this is who you are going to be.
In Character: (IC) When a player is controlling the actions of their character in a role play setting.
Out of Character: (OOC) When a player isn't controlling their character, or is just being themselves.


The SL Terms of Service guide what people can and can't do in SL, the ultimate law of the land.
The SL Community Standards are simple: treat each other with respect and without harassment, adhere to local standards as indicated by simulator ratings, and refrain from any hate activity which slurs a real-world individual or real-world community.
The Wastelands Covenant reinforces much of what SL has already defined, and goes one step ahead to let you know that we'll remove you from the estate if you break those rules.
If you are also playing the games here to augment your role play, then you are subject to those rules as well.


In character, people can be kind, cruel, benevolent, assholes, or anything under the sun -- but it all should be consensual between players, to ensure we're all having fun. I'm not saying that a player needs to have permission to greet or shoot a face they've never met in character before. But if a player is going to role play being a dick, or doing anything drastic to another player that has a permanent effect on that player's character, they should all at least agree, between themselves, to do it. This will help make sure that the actions further their characters' stories. There's no excuse for blurring the lines between being in character and being out of character. If you frequently blur the lines between being an asshole in real life and being an asshole in character -- expect a visit from estate management.


We use the group tag method to visualize people who are in character. Anyone with a group tag that has the word Ruin't in it is considered to be currently in character. People without it aren't in character. You are welcome to create your own groups and group roles with Ruin't in them, so long as those Ruin't tags are ONLY used for RP. If you need a Ruin't tag and don't want to create a group, Ruin Nation: Official Wastelands RP is open enrollment. Feel free to join!

Group tags are no longer enabled by default in the SL veiwer. I don't know why they chose to do this, but they did. To fix this, go to your prefrences (CTRL-P) under the General tab, and put a tick next to 'Group Titles'. Hit "OK" and you're done.

Who enforces these rules?

You do. Role play is a community effort, and if you don't like how other players are trying to interact with you, IM them and let them know.

History and Setting


Our role play universe has no historical links to the world the player lives in now; it is a tabula rasa -- a clean slate. No one remembers the "old world" or the way things were. At best, they only know of the world they were born into, or a handful of stories from one or, at most, two generations ago. Written words are a relatively new form of communication, so not everyone grasps the concept. Spoken words tell myths of generations ago, when the world was still angry and falling apart. Almost all "documented" history is preserved through the spoken word, and - much like a game of telephone - it is almost always totally wrong. Keeping track of time is also pretty new: the seasons control the ebb and flow of regular events in role play. When creating a character pick a couple facts from our history category, and twist its interpretation a bit. Above all, please don't try to be a scholar on what has REALLY happened. Nobody currently living was there, nobody saw it, and nobody was frozen before the Fall of Civilization. Period.


The Wastelands is a semi-realistic post apocalyptic area. There are NO supernatural powers or beings. For the things that are weird and sort of "out there," we try to base them on our real world examples. For instance, the Botan race could be evolved carnivorous plants, and Ghouls could easily be explained by an advanced form of the cordyceps fungus. Technology can, at best, be described as the Middle Ages -- but instead, made from the remnants of a once-advanced culture. Think of it as if it were the middle ages, but all the resources were made from recycled goods: Junk-Punk if you will.

Thematic Garb

If you're looking for something to wear that fits the theme of the estate, Aposiopesis scoured the Second Life Market place and has made a HUGE 1000+ list of of stuff to wear, categorized by just about everything imaginable. Give the forum thread a look, and the list a gander!

Playable Races

Players can choose to have their characters be Humans, Mutants, Ghouls, Manimals, or Botans. These are the only valid choices. Animals or creatures of of any other type are not allowed.

Tips for character creation

  1. Design your character after becoming familiar with our universe. Trying to design a character beforehand, then shoe-horning them in, usually results in utter failure.
  2. Do not try to role play being all-powerful or perfect. The beauty of having a flawed character is that you get to play on your strengths and weaknesses, and thus create a better story.


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